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We can do a free study without obligation so you can see whether or not you have a floor clause and, if you have, how much money you could recover. We encourage you to send us your writing to be able to see it.

I have interest at one percent, plus Euribor. Since 2006. ?? It is right ??

From the data you give us, it may be a floor clause or it may also be the differential applied by the bank that is not considered illegal.

In order to give you a more specific answer in your case, you can send us your scanned mortgage loan deed and we will do a free study without obligation.

Hello Rosario. Send us the loan deed through this link: and we will study your case, without any initial cost. It’s that easy and 98% successful! Greetings and thanks for contacting us

I applied for my mortgage with La Caixa de Pensiones in 1995, I finished paying off my mortgage in 2007

Unfortunately, in floor clause claims, if more than four years have passed since you have finished paying it, it cannot be claimed.

Hello, I don’t know if I had a floor clause when I contracted my mortgage, could you help me?

The answer is not easy either. It depends a bit on each script. So that the banking team can give you an answer, start a claim on the web. You will see that the form is simple. One of the steps is to upload your writing.

The banking team will analyze it and the first thing they will tell you is if you have a floor clause. If you have it, then it will offer you a detailed report of what you can recover.

In my mortgage loan, in the third bis financial clause, “interest rate variation limits”, it says that – although the value of the benchmark index that is applicable is less than 2.50%, this value, added with the percentage points expressed above for each assumption will determine the “current interest rate” in the “interest period”. all without prejudice to the application provided in the following section. The rate applicable to the accrual of ordinary interest may not, in any case, exceed 15% nominal per year.

From what you tell us, it is very possible that you have a floor clause, although it would be necessary for our expert to see the entire writing to tell you reliably. To see it, you just have to send us your deed (of the mortgage loan) and we will make you a small free report without obligation to tell you if you have a floor clause and how much you could recover.

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